EPITIDE contains the amino acid group “A-8 complex compound”. This amino acid group contains the peptide compound epithalamine. Epithalamine is the peptide compound found in the pineal gland.

The results of the study by Prof. Khavinson, together with the patented technology of the laboratory of Dr. med. Gaetano Zannini (LGZ) to develop a product whose active ingredients are absorbed directly from the oral cavity. In contrast to other preparations, OROPEP’s products are completely free of coating, auxiliary substances and preservatives. They contain no alcohol and no genetically modified organism (GMO). This property is a condition for the bioavailability of the product, d. H. for the ability to pick up its ingredients directly in the oral cavity. It does not have to pass through the digestive system, which is optimal for the effect of the ingredients contained in the product.

OROPEP’S EPITIDE is taken every 30 days in the morning. For this one lets melt a Orogranulum in the mouth. The ingredients of OROPEP’S EPITIDE are carefully chosen so that the product is physiological and corresponds to the normal processes and body functions of the human organism. Side effects and drug interactions are not expected. The limited availability of the ingredients used forces us to produce in small quantities. Additional information can be obtained from NANOPEP company: info@nanopep.net

The best source of information on the subject of Khavinson Peptides® is the following book (Attachment 1). It has extensive information about history, mechanics, action and clinical use of Epithalamin® as well as information regarding the theory and practice of regulatory peptides.