Pinealon – peptide complex the epiphysis (pineal gland) and brain tissue

Support of the regulation of the neuroendocrine system functions

Pinealon – contains complex of peptides, isolated from the pineal gland of young, healthy animals. The isolated pineal gland peptides have a selective effect on different cells of the human neuroendocrine system, they participate in the metabolism in the cells of the pineal gland (epiphysis), support of the regulation of their functional activity, have a regulating action on the secretion of the hormone melatonin, and thus contribute to the regulation of hormonal metabolism.

The optimal function of the human neuroendocrine system is directly related to the state of the pineal gland (epiphysis) cells. For the optimal function of the cells is their optimal supply of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and with peptides required. The peptides are components of the protein molecules and are released during protein metabolism (Disintegration of the protein into smaller fractions = peptides). The peptides are information molecules, which influence gene expression and start the process of protein synthesis. Formation of proteins is a vital process. This is necessary for the growth of the cells and performing its key features.

In young body, the peptides of the the pineal gland are formed in sufficient quantity. Case of increased load on the body and with increasing age unfortunately falls in the organism, the intensity of protein synthesis. This means that the older we get, or the more extreme the conditions in which the neuroendocrine system works, the less peptides of the pineal gland are formed in our body, which has an effect on reducing the intensity of protein synthesis. The deficit of peptides of the pineal gland leads to malfunctions in the cells of pineal gland tissue, can also lead to loss of some functions of these cells. In such situations the directed support the cells of pineal gland is useful.

One of the most effective ways to counter the lack of pineal gland peptide is the use of peptides of pineal gland tissue of animal origin. The peptides are identical in all mammals and are accepted by the human body as the endogenous substances (body substances). In addition, the peptides have tissue-specific properties. They only work in the tissue from which they were originally isolated.

Bioregulator Pinealon – is a pineal gland extract and contains all the most important pineal gland peptides. For the extraction of peptides only pineal gland tissue are used derived from calves and pigs younger than 11 months old. All young animals come from farms in which no diseases were registered, which are dangerous to humans, including BSE.

Due to the use the bioregulator Pinealon, takes place in the body the enrichment of the pool of regulatory peptides of the pineal gland tissue.
Thus, the use of the bioregulator Pinealon promotes the normalization of the levels of the peptides in the pineal gland cells. This in turn leads to normalization of metabolism in liver cells and regulate their functions. Accordingly, the intake of the preparation also facilitates the optimization of the neuroendocrine regulation, inhibits the development of atrophic processes in the pineal gland and reduces the risk of the development of pathological states which arise in connection with reduced melatonin secretion.

Pinealon – is one of the most effective geroprotectors. Pineal gland peptides, which contained in its composition, have a regulatory effect on the production of the hormone melatonin, which counteracts premature aging of the organism.

Melatonin – is a very important hormone, it serves as a key regulator of many biological rhythms and is involved in many vital physiological processes, including: maturation and development of sex organs, pigment metabolism, metabolism of free radicals, immune response, differentiation and proliferation of cells, regulation of sleep and general well-being, affect the mood (mood).

Natural peptide bioregulators of animal origin
As a result of years of research of the research team of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology scientists were able to develop a completely new highly efficient technology isolation from animal organs and tissues of low molecular weight peptide fractions. This technology allowed has created a new class of geroprotective (anti-aging) preparations – peptide bioregulators. The use of physiologically active short peptides that form the basis for the preparation of these peptide-bioregulators, is recommended for all ages. The peptide bioregulators enable effective prevention of premature aging and the support of the organism as well as during aging as well as increased physical and mental stress. The peptide bioregulators are also recommended for use in a complex with other preparations for the treatment of age-related diseases.

Pinealon – clinical studies
Clinical studies revealed the efficiency of bioregulator Pinealon in the complex restoration of the neuroendocrine regulation after diseases of different genesis, post-menopausal syndrome, in cancer patients following radio- and chemotherapy, in case of extreme environmental factors influence, malnutrition, as well as in in aging for normalization of melatonin secretion. No side effects.

Pinealon – recommended applicationsFor adults recommend taking 2 capsules a day with meals for 30-60 days. It is advisable to conduct a refresher course after 1-3 months. In the course of repeat courses are recommended every 4-6 months. Recommended as an additional source of peptides.

Production form: Capsules, 350 mg. Pack of 60 capsules.

Mikrokristalline Cellulose E460; Laktose; Gelatine (Kapselhülle); Emulgator E470 Calciumstearat; Peptid-Komplex AC-5 (L-Arginin, L-Glutaminsäure, L- Asparginsäure).

The individual intolerance of the individual components. Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, as well as children under the age of 12 years.

Side effects
Bioregulator Pinealon well tolerated, side effects, complications, contraindications and preparative dependencies when using of Pinealon not identified.

Storage conditions
Keep in dry, protected from light, in the original packaging at room temperature, out of reach of small children.

Pinealon oluten is no medicine. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Pinealon – brain tissue amino acid peptide complex 20 capsule.